Status Update

I am pleased to annouce a few updates:

HP Spectrum Analyzer

It is good to have friends - especially ones who are willing to loan a good spectrum analyzer with tracking generator!

  1. The crystals have arrived for the GE Mastr II repeater!  They will be installed, and the tune-up performed within a couple of weeks.  (Thanks to the “anonymous” ham who is handling this part of the project for me!)
  2. I have obtained a loan of a very nice HP spectrum analyzer with tracking generator (picture at left).  This will be essential to the tuning of the duplexer.
  3. My machinist John, WB2DVE, reports that work is progressing nicely on the duplexer modifications.  Much more will be posted about the duplexer work in the coming days.

All of this means that we are still on track to put the repeater on the air by the middle of May!

About kd2sl

I'm a lifelong geek, interested in anything electronic, but especially ham radio, radio and TV broadcasting, and computers. Employed as a television engineer for several Syracuse, NY TV stations.
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