Yet Another Antenna Change

UPDATE, December 13, 2012: The antenna configuration is back to “normal,” (and has been since late September, actually) with both TX and RX from the top antenna.

I’ve changed the antenna configuration again.  I think we got all the data we needed from yesterday’s experiment.  To review, on Thursday morning I installed a 1/4 wave ground plane near the base of the tower, about 800 feet below the old channel 3 antenna.  I fed the receiver from this new antenna, but left transmit on the top antenna.  As expected, this degraded the repeater’s ability to hear, primarily because of the difference in height.  Repeater transmit was not affected.

Now, as of 1:30pm Friday (Sept. 21), it has been reversed.  We’re receiving from the top antenna (horizontal polarity), and transmitting from the bottom (vertical polarity).  This will degrade your ability to hear the repeater, especially in fringe areas, but the repeater’s receiver should be working better than ever (no cracklies or desense from intermod).

Thanks to EVERYONE, you have all been really great sports, willing to play numerous rounds of “can you hear me now?”!  I’m very interested to know how well you can hear the repeater in this current arrangement.

73 – KD2SL

About kd2sl

I'm a lifelong geek, interested in anything electronic, but especially ham radio, radio and TV broadcasting, and computers. Employed as a television engineer for several Syracuse, NY TV stations.
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1 Response to Yet Another Antenna Change

  1. Brian Winer says:

    On Thursday night 11/15, as of 1920 hrs, I tried to open up the repeater but couldn’t. I live near Chittenango and deliver 100 watts on a horizontal antenna about 35 feet above the ground. I heard a couple of guys chattering for a short while but I didn’t get my antenna tuned soon enough as they signed out. Anyone have any success from around Fayeteville or Chittenango in getting the repeater opened up?? Brian KC2GQV.

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