Syracuse’s First 10 Meter Repeater

Another brief update:

Today, on a hunch, I connected the 10m receiver to the same antenna used for the 6m repeater. Amazingly, it actually works! So, we have a 10m repeater in Syracuse!

Feel free to give it a try, and let me know if you can get in. Also, whether or not you can get in, let me know what antenna, how much power, and where you are.

Remember, the 10m and 6m repeaters are permanently linked (crossband repeat), and you must have PL tone on transmit for either side. Program your radio carefully:

10m Repeater – Output: 29.64 MHz, PL 94.8 – Input: 29.54 MHz, PL 94.8
6m Repeater – Output: 53.67 MHz, PL 103.5 – Input: 52.67 MHz, PL 103.5

If your radio supports it, you can activate tone squelch on receive to keep the squelch from opening on noise.

Join us each Wednesday at 7:00 pm for Tim Colson’s (N2VZD) Central New York Swap and Information net, now a tri-band net!

73 – KD2SL

About kd2sl

I'm a lifelong geek, interested in anything electronic, but especially ham radio, radio and TV broadcasting, and computers. Employed as a television engineer for several Syracuse, NY TV stations.
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3 Responses to Syracuse’s First 10 Meter Repeater

  1. Dav P says:

    I got in no problem on 40 watts from bridgeport on my IMAX 2000 vertical. K2KIX Thanks nice signal Dave

  2. Tad Danley, K3TD says:

    Thank you for the great commentary on your 6 meter machine. Iam on 6 FM in the Austin, TX area and will look for you during E-skip season this summer. Thanks and 73! Tad, K3TD, EM10dq

  3. I get into both repeaters just fine. I live on the far west side of Syracuse, just before entering Solvay. I run a Wouxun UV950 Quad band radio at 50/40 watts into a Comet GP-15 vertical GP and a homebrew 1/4 wave 10M dipole. Antennas are at 480/460 ASL respective.

    Bob- N2OMK

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