10m Returned to Service

A short note to let you know that the 10m repeater is working again.  I never did find the problem!  When I took home the exciter (the board that has the TX frequency crystal, and creates a 250mW signal) and set it up for testing, it miraculously worked! 

This morning I re-installed it in the repeater, and it still works.  Like I often tell people, “If it ain’t broke, I can’t fix it!”  Since I didn’t find the cause, I think it is fair to predict that this problem will return, at the worst possible moment.

Remember, you can join Tim Colson’s (N2VZD) Central New York Swap and Information Net at 7:00pm Wednesdays, on both the 6m and 10m repeaters.

73 – KD2SL

About kd2sl

I'm a lifelong geek, interested in anything electronic, but especially ham radio, radio and TV broadcasting, and computers. Employed as Chief Engineer for WSTM-TV 3 (NBC), WSTQ-LP 14 (CW), and WTVH-TV 5 (CBS) in Syracuse, NY.
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3 Responses to 10m Returned to Service

  1. Gary Agnew says:

    Hi Kevin – any plans to make any/all of the repeaters Echolink capable?

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