I’m employed as a television engineer for several Syracuse TV stations.  I’ve been KD2SL since 1986.  Now the two (employment and hamming) are coming together in the unique opportunity to use an abandoned TV broadcast antenna for an amateur repeater on 6 meters.  This blog will document how it was conceived and constructed, and (hopefully) whether it lives up to expectations.  We’ll also talk about all the additional repeaters that have sprung up alongside the 6m.

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7 Responses to About

  1. Harold Burkhart says:

    Just was working your repeater (sunday night 10 pm).
    I am in Rome. My antenna is a tribander 8′ long mounted on my chimney about 25′ above ground. Radio is a Kenwood ts-2000. Hitting your system w 10w no problem. It comes back to me at +20 with the preamp off! Just wanted to give you a report from Rome and congradulate you on a job done very well!
    -Harold “Chip”

  2. Herminio says:

    can you draw me a cavity bandpass filter with 3 to 99.7 mhz 35 kw?

  3. Andy KC2GOW says:

    kevin, just wanted to let you know that i can hear the 6m repeater right now in Staten island, NYC FN20. Running 2elements at the moment horizontal it is 100% copy on the audio. I have 53.830 (136.5) in the city.

  4. Ron Haynes says:

    Hello, I accidentally came upon your 6 Meter Repeater, on my Scanner. Very interested in it. My Call Sign is N2RLH. I work 6 Meters when ever possible. We call it the Magic Band. I’m a Big DXer and make contacts all over the World. I never heard of a 6 Meter Repeater. Send send me info about it. Very interested!!! I live in Afton, N.Y. About 103 miles away. But, can hear you so good!!! I’m surprised.

    Thank You,

  5. Ed Flaherty says:

    Here’s a report on the 10 meter repeater.from Ed, N2CTI

    I live in Franklin Square in downtown Syracuse. On the fifth floor of an apartment building with windows facing northeast, so to get to the repeater my signal has to go thru the building. I’m using a 10 meter Isotron antenna mounted on a short pole in front of the windows, INSIDE not outside.
    I have an IC-7000 and can bring up the repeater at the 75% setting which works out to about 75 watts. The repeater is slighly scratchy and shows S-2 on my meter without the preamp. Not sure what I’m sounding like coming out of it as I haven’t heard anybody on.to ask.
    I have tried a six meter Isotron to get to the 6 meter repeater but though I hear it at S-9+10 I can’t bring it up. I’ll play with my antenna setups some more and maybe can do it. Being a ham in an apartment can be a challenge but surprisingly, since I discovered JT-65 HF digital mode last month I’ve worked 18 countries.

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